Additional Services for Boards of Trustees

With the appointment of a new head, many schools undergo a thorough review of board practices. In particular, schools served by long-tenured, highly regarded heads find it helpful to re-organize or re-energize their board to meet new, different needs at the school. In that spirit, The Education Group offers these special services:

  • Governance Workshops: Conducted by one or two members of our Executive Coaching team, this half- or full-day workshop addresses “best practices” for both board governance and leadership transition.

  • Board Training Workshops: Designed for either the orientation of new trustees or a review of “best practices” for experienced individual trustees, these programs can be accessed via video-conferencing or in face-to-face sessions on the school campus.

  • Strategic Planning: Typically the search for a new head is initiated by a comprehensive strategic planning exercise at the school, during which the major “stakeholders” determine the school’s needs, goals, and priorities for their new leader. Still, after a new head has assumed office, he or she and the board may wish to engage in further strategic planning, a process with which members of The Education Group’s Executive Coaches are expert and can be helpful.