Doug Dickson


In his forty years working in independent schools Doug has served in three schools in a variety of capacities including athletic director, dean of students, upper school head, and assistant head of school. 

Doug began his career at St. Paul’s School (NH) as a math teacher, coach, and dorm parent and went on to serve the school as athletic director, dean of students and Vice Rector for Student Life.  During his 26 years living on campus with his family, Doug gained valuable experience and insight into the workings of this residential school and all of the aspects of its successful operation 

In 2008, Doug transitioned to Austin, TX to take on the role of Upper School Head at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and to expand his experience and knowledge of independent school education.  He was responsible for all aspects of the operation for the upper school in this international day/boarding school.  In 2017, Doug accepted the role of Assistant Head of School for Student Life at Episcopal High School (VA) a fully residential high school. He was responsible for the continuing development of the residential experience including a key role in a strategic plan emphasizing the importance of residential life in this fully residential boarding school. 

Throughout his career, Doug has been a national voice for the development of the residential curriculum in boarding schools and for the creation of infrastructure to fully support students and their development in independent schools.  For over two decades, Doug served as faculty workshop creator and leader for The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) in twice yearly workshops that draw educators from all over the world to learn about best practices in residential education and the building of school community.  Doug has been a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences thorough his career.